General Project Video

Now available on the web the video that explains the actions of the project.
They can be accessed directly here.

Video tutorial MANEV

Video tutorial of the Manev tool

This tool is used to evaluate of manure management and treatment technology for environmental protection and sustainable livestock farming in Europe.

We can see a video tutorial with the aim of guiding you to manage the tool and take profit of it.

Click here to see the video.

State aids in the RDP 2014-2020 fertilization management


RDP 2014-2020 suports subsidies in order to improve the fertilization management at farm level

Subsidies linked to sustainable farming practices

 Their main objective is to support the new model of fertilisation and manure management.

Last revision nitrate vulnerable zones

ACORD GOV/13/2015, 3 February 2015 to revise and extend the designation of vulnerable zones of pollution caused by nitrates from agricultural sources.