B8 - Riparian buffers

Technical action B8


Removal of nitrates from the soil by riparian buffers

 This proving experience consists of making linear plantations of woody species to create a border between agrarian uses and waterways when the riparian vegetation has been removed by the advance of the agrarian frontier.

To ensure the success of the proving experiments, it is essential to use species adapted to the conditions of high temperatures and pH. They have a deep and dense root system to take advantage of the groundwater level, and a large tolerance to high concentrations of nutrients. The chosen species have to tolerate also waterlogging conditions because they will often be subject to flash floods and to variations of the groundwater level.


Progress / Results

Objectives B8 Riparian buffers

  • Implementing the riparian buffers properly with results of growth and nitrogen extraction similar to other experiences in northern Europe.
  • Evaluating the effect of planting riparian buffers in terms of nitrogen that ends up in the river course

Localization B8 - Riparian buffers