B5 - Progress / Results

B5 Optimal fertilization - development:

Machinery for applying slurry

To increase the use of innovative machinery and equipment for the application of manure is one of the tasks assigned to this action of the project. To achieve this goal, the first action consisted in the identifying the reasons why these tools are not used in the area, which meant to incorporate specific questions about application machinery in the surveys from the B3 action. After obtaining this information, several actions have been taken to approach this technology to the farmer. Thus, annual conferences and demonstrative sessions are organized with slurry distribution systems to show the advantages of using these devices in agriculture.

Farm management of slurry

To identify and to quantify the actions related to crop fertilization, especially in large-scale farms, should be a priority to know if they are properly managed. Nowadays, there exist several tools to obtain these data, although not all of them are the practical enough to be used in the day-to-day operations. This sub-action will test software to improve logistics activities related to fertilization.


Data sheet B5-1

Optimisation of field apllication of slurry


Data sheet B5-1Data sheet B5-1 [284 Kb]

Data sheet B5-2

Apllication machinery: trailing hoses, conductivity meter and flowmeter



Data sheet B5-2Data sheet B5-2 [393 Kb]

Data sheet B5-3

Improved fertilisation management on a farm


Data sheet B5-3Data sheet B5-3 [280 Kb]