B5 - Optimizing application

Technical action B5

Optimizing the application of livestock manure (purins) to the field through the use of Best Available Technology

 The purpose of this action is advancing in the adoption of innovative tools for the appropriate agrarian application of livestock manure, so two specific objectives are pursued: on the one hand, providing information on the existing precision machinery, especially the application of liquid manure, and, on the other hand, improving the liquid manure agrarian management in a large farm through a computer tool for land management (GEMA).

 In order to achieve the first objective, the aim of this project is to increase into the study area the use of machines for liquid manure application through hoses or hanging tubes, equipped with conductometer to instantly know the value of manure and with flowmeter to regulate the flow during application. This type of machinery which incorporates technological innovation allows the correct dosage of liquid manure, and also its better distribution, the significant reduction of volatilization losses and an instant knowledge of its fertilizer value.

 Regarding the second objective, the software GEMA, developed by the public company SARGA through LIFE project ES-WAMAR in a farm that manages 12,000 pigs liquid manure in some 600 ha of surface, will be implemented. It is a management tool already tested by different entities in the autonomous community of Aragon which facilitates the efficient management and traceability of liquid manure from farmings. Optimize application distances between the different farms and receiving plots is one of the first of GEMA targeting goals, which will lead to significant savings in transport-associated costs.

Progress / Results

Objectives B5 Optimizing application

  • Increasing the use of liquid manure application machinery that incorporates the system of application thought hoses or hanging tubes, conductometer and/or flowmeter.
  • Optimizing the livestock manure application in a farming by using the computer tool GEMA.

Localization B5 - Optimizing application