B2 - Treatment technologies

Technical action B2 Treatment technologies

 Minimization of nitrogen and other elements (P/Cu/Zn) at pig production farms. Treatment technologies. 

 The priority target of manure effluent is applying it as a fertilizer. Managing it properly is essential to improve the efficiency of fertilization, especially when the farmer does not have lands enough or they are far away.

The treatments applied to the manure effluent allow us to achieve a balance between the generation of effluent and the possibilities of its application to agrarian soils.

Taking into account the composition of manure effluent, its treatment can be a very useful tool to increase the management capacity and improve its features as a quality product with an important nutritional value for crops in certain circumstances.

The process of phase separation leads to obtain from manure effluent two different fractions: a solid phase (SP) with a solid content higher than the original effluent, and a liquid phase (LP) containing dissolved and suspended elements. The solid-liquid separation does not modify the content of components of manure effluent, but leads to a redistribution of the constituents, and, therefore, improves the management capacity. 

To manage the effluents of the solid-liquid separation, it is necessary to know the efficiency of the process and the distribution of nutrients in the generated phases. This process depends on several factors: the typology and composition of the manure, type of separator, use of chemical additives, conditions of operations, etc. Futur Agrari will carry out the monitoring and evaluation of different types of solid-liquid separators installed at several farms in Catalonia. 

Systems applicable to the treatment of livestock manure which will be monitored:







on the physical and chemical properties  

  Solid/liquid separation



 Spindle press

Gravity screen 




Several systems combination 









Progress / Results

Objectives B2 Treatment technologies

  • Increasing the nutrient content (mainly nitrogen and phosphorus) in the distribution of the solid fraction
  • Reducing the agrarian surface needed to apply the liquid fraction.
  • Reducing the livestock manure management and application costs. 

Localization B2 - Treatment technologies