FUTUR AGRARI is a project co-funded by Life+ Programme of the European Union that puts into practice manure management and treatment technologies in areas of Catalonia with a high concentration of livestock farming, designated ‘vulnerable zones'.

 The anticipated results of the project will help minimise the high nutrient content of agricultural soil, seeking compatibility with the development of farming and forestry.

 The project is for illustrative purposes and is aimed mainly at farms, service companies, the administration and the sector in general.

 Here you can read the official project information.

Reduction at source and treatment of slurry

In farms of pig production practices will help to reduce slurry generation from three different actions:

  • Reduce in volume slurry by a careful water management.
  • Reduced excretion of nitrogen, phosphorus, cooper and zinc by adjusting the animals diet to their needs.
  • Improve slurry management by adopting solid-liquid separation treatment.



Fertilisation optimisation

In field fertilizer application practices that search will make themselves improve the efficiency and leads to the appreciation of slurry as a fertilizer with the following actions:

  • Make the adjusted calculation of fertilizer application dose using computer tools to help to the decision.
  • Decision of fertilization in late covers using sensing techniques on advanced crops stages.
  • Homogeneous and uniform applications acquiring fertilizers application machinery that incorporates innovative technology.

Removal of excess nutrients

On high concentration of nutrients grounds practices will be made to improve quality carrying out the following actions:

  • Reduce loss of nutrients through leaching inserting pick-off nitrogen crops between the rotation main crops (catch-crops).
  • Absorption of agricultural leachate in the middle of the plot making combined plantations of trees and crops in a same terrain (agro-forestry systems).
  • Absorption of agricultural leachates before reaching water courses making linear plantations of woody species on the edges of plots (riparian buffers).


67th Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science

Belfast UK, 29 Aug - 2 Sept 2016

 You can see the program here.