B4 - Progress / Results

B4 Remote sensing - development:

This action complements the previous B3 action which is about giving advice to farmers in relation to crop fertilization. Most farmers in the pilot area grow maize either in monoculture or double annual crop. Maize fertilization is split in two moments: the first one, before sowing, where it is usually applied manure, and the second one, at tillering, before V4-V5 stage, where it is usually applied nitrogen fertilizer.

 As a result, the advice to farmers (B3 action) is done twice: before sowing and at tillering. The fertilization strategy, relative to the nitrogen supply, relies on the recommendation of half the fertilizer to be applied in the first application at tillering. The remaining nitrogen must be decided to be applied based on the results of remote sensing images, which are obtained in more advanced crop stages and before flowering. Thus, B4 action ends with the third recommendation to the farmer.

 To respond to different potential users (medium or big farms, irrigation communities, administrations...) , the project includes the technical and economic evaluation of this recommendation system using three platforms: satellite, manned air vehicle and unmanned aerial vehicle