B2 - Progress / Results

B2 Treatment technologies - development:


This action try to show the improvement in the swine manure management in areas of high livestock concentration using solid-liquid (S/L) separation systems. A protocol for separators monitoring adapted to farming work, will be written. Monitoring of different separators to know energy consumption, operation cost, the nutrients balance and heavy metals and the separator yield before and after implementing strategies of minimization at source (water and nutrients)will be performed.

A final report with results for each system with the aim of improving the separator management will be made. Later, fertilizers characteristics of the solid fraction (in order to know about their suitability for the organic manure production (compost) and as a substrate of an anaerobic digester) and fertilizer characteristics of the liquid fraction (potential anaerobic digestion) will be assessed.


Protocol for separator sample collection

A document explaining the appropriate methodology for monitoring the solid-liquid separator and their performance evaluation is drawn up.

Data sheet B2-1 Source treatments

Treatments are another piece into farm management plan to achieve a balance between manure production and possibilities of their application to soils. It is very important to use a technology adapted to each reality.

Data sheet B2-1Data sheet B2-1 [171 Kb]