B1 - Progress / Results

B1 Water and feeding management - development:

The possibilities of avoiding or reducing the environmental impact in the pig production process, will be greater if we act on the following aspects: the water management and feeding management. The B1 action begins with an analysis of situation in the environmental management of pig production, analysing the management alternatives that are currently. Several swine drinkers will be characterized in laboratory to know the optimal work conditions both individually and collectively and real reductions in water consumption will be valued when drinkers are implemented on a commercial farm. Monitoring of different pig farms for fattening and isowean will be made to know which improvements should be applied to facilities, in water and feeding management.

As more scientific action, trials on the testing farm IRTA Monells applying different feeding strategies and nutritional management will be carried out to find and adapting the best diet and optimize the productive indexes minimizing the excretion of nitrogen, phosphorus, copper, and zinc.


Analysis of environmental situation in the pig production

This document is prepared to know the development status on environmental management in swine production by the literature search. Management alternatives that exist currently are also discussed.

Initial diagnosis of demonstration farms. Characterization survey

A model questionnaire to be filled out during visits to participating farms in the project, is designed.  With a first farms characterization survey we obtain information about their facilities and current management. 

Report of pig farm selection

After characterization survey of participating farms in the project we proceed to make this document with assessed criteria for a first selection among the surveyed farms and to continue with its follow up in current conditions to know the improvements to apply.

Characterization drinkers

23 drinkers have been characterized individually and a descriptive data sheets, with flow results obtained at different pressures in a water circuit, have been made. Drinkers evaluation and physical characterization, has been made by Swine Management Group at department of Animal production (University of Lleida)

Livestock work sheet

For the follow up of selected farms, work sheets have been provided to complete by the farmer. These sheets give us data about water consumption, feeding, manure, energy, facilities review and farm environmental control: temperature and humidity.

Management alternatives for livestock waste watet and feeding

The alternatives in terms of source reduction of manure management are two: to reduce the slurry volume, that is part of the water reduction and water efficiency, and reduction of nutrients and other contaminants from slurry improving diets and digestibility to be retained in animals and they are not excreted.

Data sheet B1-1 Water management

This technical sheet is a summary document that contains the description of process used to developed action B1.1 de Futur agrari.

Data sheet B1-2 Feeding management

A document with the methodology and process that have been followed for action B1.2 is made.

Data sheet B1-2Data sheet B1-2 [160 Kb]